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PostHeaderIcon How to design the Fireplace which can be safe for kids

If you are one of those who live in the colder countries, then a fireplace becomes a must in your house. Although nowadays you can install a heater at your house, nothing can replace the warmth of the fireplace.In fact, the idea of a fireplace brings an entirely different old world charm to your house. But along with the interior and exterior look of your house, you must also ensure the safety of your house, family members, especially kids.

Even if kids do not get hurt by the fire, they tend to get hurt by the sharp edges and stone hearth. Therefore what you can try to do is that make these edges a little blunt. Do not keep anything near the fire place, which could cause the kids to trip over and fall in the stone hearth or anywhere nearby. One of the best ways is to get a fire safety gate around the fire place for an overall protection.

PostHeaderIcon Get a color scheme for the bathroom which is soothing

A bathroom is a vital part of any apartment. Every day we rush to the shower after a hard day’s work and thus, a good color scheme is important to have a soothing ambience. The modern trend is towards a contrasting color combo since simple white shades for both your walls and fixtures look boring.

The ideal wall paints for a bathroom are white, cream, taupe shades, beige, green, yellow pink, peach, light blue to create a calming ambience. Then pair it up with rich and bright shower curtains and bathroom towels. Dark wrought iron cabinets create a dramatic look. Complete the look with subtle yellow lights.

In case, you are planning for a darker wall shade like burgundy brown or black, contrast them with white or cream colored fixtures. Use white lights to touch a brighter look. Black and white combo looks very classy. However, don’t opt for dark wall shades if you have a small bathroom.

PostHeaderIcon Vanity lightings for bathrooms is an excellent option

Having proper light in your bathroom is very important. It not only has functional value, but also, if done properly, can add to the aesthetic quotient of your bathroom. And when it comes to lighting up your bathroom, the first thing to be take care of is vanity lighting.

In a bathroom, the vanity area is the main hub and therefore it only makes sense that you have a lot of light in that area. You can opt for the LED bulbs that come with track lighting handles. They use less energy, last longer and replacing them is extremely easy. For a warm and cozy feel, you can opt for the vanity lamps. Having three-way-bulbs in your bathroom is a wonderful idea.

A discussion on bathroom vanity lighting is incomplete without a word on wall scones. Wall scones come in a wide array of designs and you can choose the one that goes well with the overall décor of your bathroom.

PostHeaderIcon Pick a theme for your new home décor

Home décor styles are a very beautiful way to reflect your elegant persona and enchant the visitors. Thus, in case you are planning to embellish your place, opt for a particular theme that goes with your taste. Search online or through the magazines and you will get various themes like formal, rustic, contemporary or casual.

First consider the size of your home and its location. If it’s a small modern apartment situated in a populous street, opt for contemporary or casual styles. The rustic and formal décor go well with big homes which are a little away from the maddening crowd. Now, decide on the colors. If you cannot stand the darker shades try out the lighter hues.

Your hobbies can supply good décor ideas. There are even staircases designed like piano keys. The last thing to consider is your family members. If you have pets or kids around, never go for the rich formal style. However, it is better to consult an interior decorator.

PostHeaderIcon Bean Bags – Perfect for trendy home décor

Bean bags are one of the trendy home accessories these days. They are extremely comfortable and relaxing and you can easily place them in any of your rooms and even the patio or balcony. These light weight portable furniture was the brain child of exclusive Italian designers which first came to the market in 1960 and was called Sacco.

The funky foam bean bags can adapt to various body shapes and are found in different styles and shades. Some are for outdoors; some are very hardy while others are warmer to touch. It is better to opt for sturdier fabrics (like denim) and dark shades since they last long and are simpler to clean and maintain. Besides, the classic colors go with any sort of room décor.

Fur bags are the best for cooler climates. Vinyl and nylon bags repel liquids and thus are ideal if kids are around. But make sure these bags are properly stuffed otherwise you would be deprived of the desired comfort.

PostHeaderIcon Using Garbage products to decorate your home

Recycling your garbage items for home décor is not only eco-friendly but economical too. Here are some useful tips.

Milk cartons are a great help. Cut the top of it, wrap it with a nice sheet and you can now easily utilize it as a beautiful storage to host your little knick-knacks like pens, candy, seeds, sewing materials or paper clips. The cartons can be painted and placed on the side table as a holder for car keys and spare changes. The unwanted clothes can also be revamped as décor accessories. Make pillows with clean and colorful old shirts.

Rinse out an old elegant liquor bottle and stuff it with flowers and indoor plants. Cover it with a designed paper and your homemade vase is ready. The read papers and remains of cardboards will make good wall hangings if chopped out in fine shapes and nicely styled with creative designs.

PostHeaderIcon Make a strong decorative statement using lights

Lights are an integral part of any home décor since effective illumination affect a lot to ensure your desired ambience. Here are some tips to create a powerful decorative statement with lighting fixtures.

If you are planning for a dazzling look, sparkle up your room with a glamorous crystal chandelier. These days they are also found in miniature versions suitable for small rooms. Halogen bulbs create a dramatic effect and can be used to highlight specifically on your interesting stuffs like the beautiful Ming vase. Another fine pick would be a seventies lamp with a cylindrical wire equipped with a circular glass lampshade. These retro lamps are very much in vogue these days.

When you are planning for a romantic cozy feel go for candles and freestanding wire bulbs with cream or yellow shades. They diffuse a soft glow which creates a mystic aura in the room. Place them on your armchair or bedside table tops and over sophisticated furniture like a piano.

PostHeaderIcon Useful tips for sparkling home décor

Are you are bored with your simple and drab rooms? Opt for a sparkling theme to jazz up your mood always.

Splashes of rich colors and vibrant textures render beauty and life to your dull status. Hence color up your entire home in bright shades like bright red, pink, sunshine yellow, green or blue. If you prefer lighter hues like white or cream add a shiny finish to them to bring a sparkling effect. Get colorful fabrics for your bedding, curtains and cushions too. Create a contrast in the room with darker walls and light fabrics.

Apply a fine varnish on your hardwood flooring and furniture to bring back the lost luster. Cover your floors with decorated oriental area rugs. Adorn your room with luxurious stone studded (ruby, emerald, sapphire, jade and topaz) décor accessories. These jewels are artistically crafted in vibrant and seductive shades. Illuminate the entire area with a grand crystal chandelier and bright lighting fixtures.

PostHeaderIcon Get Expert advice in order to decorate your home grandly

Thinking of a grand make over for your home? Well, great idea but you should always make sure to consult an interior decorator to get an expert advice. Your home is one of your most treasured assets which demand the best care and ideal maintenance.

A grand interior decoration involves grand complications which a lay man is not aware of. You do not know clearly which theme to choose or how to complement the style effectively with the right paints, furniture or accessories. An experienced and well established interior decorator is thoroughly armed with detailed knowledge of the market. He will choose the best theme according to the size of your room. Then he would advice on the necessary décor stuffs and chalk out an ideal plan based on your budget.

Besides, the professionals are well equipped with contacts and you would not have to bother about the supplies and laborers. Moreover, an expert would take up the entire burden and carry out the daily plans skillfully in a systematic manner.

PostHeaderIcon Four Unique Home Décor styles which might inspire you

Planning to refurbish your home lately? Below are given some exotic décor themes which might interest you.

Gothic style of interior decoration is perfect to create the old world richness and grandeur especially if you have a large house. It involves heavy silk fabrics, a huge and glamorous crystal chandelier, dark shades, hardwood furniture and flooring, decorative carpets, wrought iron accessories, marble sculptures and also a sophisticated centerpiece. Then you can follow the aesthetic Mediterranean feel with marble floors, indoor plants, terracotta pots, aquatic shades, wooden flooring, arched doorways, wrought iron furniture and vibrant ceramic tiles.

The Asian theme is a mix of Indonesian, Thai, Japanese and Chinese culture. It uses bright hues (like black, red or gold), depictions of Lord Buddha and lots of floral themes and motifs of powerful Asian dragon. The African style adopts rainbow and earthy hues. Its typical cultural patterns and symbols like the tribal motifs and exquisite art works are also followed in their customary home décor.