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PostHeaderIcon Simple guidelines to do up your back yard aesthetically

Are you about to do up your backyard and looking for some catchy idea? The article below gets you some essential on how to do up the backyard area aesthetically to make it more inviting.

Firstly, clean it up regularly and keep it clutter free. Start gardening on the backyard with beautiful shrubs and small plants. They look beautiful when in full blossom and are a wonderful means to brighten up the entire area. Then, if you have enough space and financial affordability, go for a water structure like a small fountain or garden ponds.

Again deck up the area with wooden furniture. You can either add a big dining table for weekend meals or a small one with a few chairs would do for the afternoon tea and chatter. Then, if space permits, get a small wooden swing. Lastly, light up the place with proper lighting. It will bring vibrancy and is also a safety measure.

PostHeaderIcon 5 simple tips to do up your backyard

Backyards must be ready and well equipped for lavish weekend thanksgiving or Christmas parties before spring hits the corner. But if you use these five simple tips while setting your backyard as a perfect party hub then you will be surely appreciated even by the hardcore party poopers.

Aerate, loosening the ground to pass water, air to produce a lush green lawn should be the primary concern of yours. After aerating spread some amount of peat moss on your lawn to prevent weed and disease attacks. Check out the weeds quickly with weed hounds and remove them before they eat up your beautiful lawn.

Cover the discolored bare patches on the ground with grass seeds and nice looking shrubs and always clean up the thatch set ups because they block the path of oxygen and nutrient transport of plants. Finally run your lawn mower to give your lawn a perfect decked up look for the enthralling house parties.

PostHeaderIcon Tips to maintain your air conditioners

Are you tired of your noisy and dirty air conditioner? Then here are a few simple tips for you to maintain your favorite cooling apparatus. The first thing you should do to is to change the filter of your AC on a regular basis but there could different filters that are more complex than the regular ones so you must contact the AC maintenance staff first.

In order to keep your AC dirt free first put a cap on your AC’s drain then with the help of a vacuum cleaner clean the dirt and don’t ever forget to remove this cap once you are done with cleaning. High voltage vacuums are needed to clean the drain tube of a regular AC machine and this must be done annually, otherwise development of small mold in your AC might damage your walls and roofs.

If you want to clean up the coil of your AC then disconnect the power supply first then spread water on to area where you want to clean the coil and use specialized AC machine cleaner. Always remember to wear glasses and gloves as a protective measure.