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PostHeaderIcon Ceiling art for your home

Ceiling art, home décor tipsDo you want to hide the HVAC systems pipelines in your home by using marvelous wall arts? Well then here comes a brilliant idea.  People often use this technique in order to decrease the height of their ceilings and if you really want o liven up your ceiling then nothing will work better than adorning it up with superb wall arts. If you want to paint a quilt pattern on your ceiling then first of all you need to remove the old metal grid fixtures from the ceilings and you should put a layer of primer.

When it gets dried up then you should create the quilt pattern on to the tiles of the ceiling. Similarly creating chessboard pattern on the roof is another exciting idea and all you need is two basic shades and paint them alternatively on to the ceiling tiles. In this manner you can paint any of your favorite sports team logo too.

PostHeaderIcon How curtains can change the whole appeal of a room

curtains, home decor If you want to change the entire look of your house at the minimal cost and effort possible then nothing can serve you better than changing your age old worn out curtains. Diversified curtains are available in the market from which you can choose anything be it heavy or sheer on the basis of your tastes. Silk curtains are the best choice to give your home a complete elegant look, those who are going to have a neutral look for their rooms can go for colors like cream, beige or bottle green. But for a gorgeous look you can always select gold, brown or maroon.

Layered curtains can attach another type of decorating style in your entire room furnishing. You can use blinds under your silk curtains or can team them up with rightly chosen contrast shaded curtains. For a romantic touch in your room you must choose the sheer curtains of blue, yellow or any other pastel colors.

PostHeaderIcon Add a fun chic touch to your bedroom décor

People enjoy decorating the bedroom place as it is their own private place which they can decorate as they feel like. Adding the fun chic look to the bedroom is the latest trend among people. Bed is one of the furniture for the bedroom that looks really appealing with the fun chic look.

Apart from the bed you can use the window place, linens, beddings, curtains, cushions, etc to introduce the simple yet elegant and comfort look to the bedroom. The common colors which are used for the chic look are greens, pinks, blues and light shades of cream and white are also used widely.

Giving your bedroom a fun chic look creates a welcoming and warm atmosphere in the room. The look itself will give you a pleasant feeling from within. Another great thing about the chic theme is that the investment would not be at a higher level.