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PostHeaderIcon Convert your attic into a spare guest room

spare guest roomAre you planning to create extra space in your house? Attic conversion is the best idea to add value to your house and at the same time it provides you with more space to utilize in your house. With time need of space is generated and attic conversion is the best possible option. Spare guest room is of great use and a valuable addition to your house. If you are planning for attic conversion you need to plan properly before you execute it.

There are certain factors that you should take into consideration before you start with the job of attic conversion. At first decide upon the budget and plan accordingly. You can hire an attic remodeling contractor and take estimates from them. You can decide on the design of the room and let the contractor know about your preferences. You can also obtain online quotes from well known conversion specialists.

PostHeaderIcon DIY tips to make valance for a window

Window valance are a rage these days. They not only make your window look good but also help to give a definite look to your room as well. If you want to make your own window valance then here are a few tips that will help you in your task:

1)      Go for the simple straight look is this is your first try. First choose the weight of the fabric that you are going for and then the color and pattern. The color and pattern can be whatever you want it to be while we suggest you to go for lighter fabrics as they are easy to handle.

2)      The fabric then has to be cut according to the size of your window and once that is done sew a hem on your valence with the help of the sewing machine or with your hand.

3)      Sew a pocket in the valance for the rod to pass through and your window valance is complete!

PostHeaderIcon Wall stencils: take an step beyond paint

Wall stencils,.wall decorSwitching over from conventional paint to decorating your wall with wall stencils is one of the newest and most innovative techniques that are being employed by many around the world. Using wall stencils rather than simply painting the walls gives the house a unique look and makes it stand apart from the rest of the crowd.

With a wide variety of choices at your disposal, you can pick and choose the perfect wall stencil design for your precious home and give it an absolutely different, yet elegant and classy look and feel.

If you have a design in mind, then wall stencils are perfect for you as you will be able to give the desired shape and effect that you want. Wall stencils ensure that the work is done neatly and that there are no rough patches which make the design look ugly. If you have a knack of art, then you can paint your imagination with the help of wall stencils and give a unique design to your walls.

PostHeaderIcon How pine needle baskets can be a fantastic home decor accessory

pine needle baskets Pine needle basket has existed from the inception of the modern world. In the ancient era it was used as feed basket, winning seeds and for carrying water. It was after the civil war around 1865 when the pine needle basket came into the picture as a home décor accessory. Modern pine baskets are made by a coiling technique. Pine basket as a home décor gives a natural touch to your overall look.

You can use pine needle baskets as a decorative item, pen stand or a fruit basket; they are the most common use of pine needle baskets. Pine needle baskets are usually of natural colors and there is also an option of dying them in your favorite color. There is the use of many stitches on the basket like spiral wheat, fern stitch, diamond stitch, knot stitch, popcorn stitch and Indian wrap stitch to give a special look to the basket. Pine needle basket is any day a perfect style statement for your home.

PostHeaderIcon Decorative wall painting technique for your home

Decorative wall painting, wall painting If you feel your wall colors to be dull and boring, you can brighten up the face of your house with your own decorative wall painting following some of the simplest techniques. You can sponge or rag the walls to create an uncommon look, or you can stamp or stencil any particular design or pattern you like.

Most techniques for wall painting involve using two shades of the same color. The darker color is used for the base painting, the lighter color is used for sponging or ragging over the base. Faux decorating is a popular concept where you can make a wall look like it’s made of bricks. Faux finishes can be made easily by stamping or stenciling to bring that wallpaper effect. Applying faux finish to make your room look like it is made of plaster or suede is also popular. However, these are just paints and can be redone anytime.