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PostHeaderIcon Destination inspired décor: India

An Indian inspired décor can be a very good way of giving your house a completely unique décor. There are some elements that are very vibrant, just like the culture of India and they can be nicely incorporated into the décor. It is a diverse culture so there are a lot of options. One of the best items to go for is the big bed. It is known as the “Maharaja bed” which is a king sized bed as the name suggests.

A big wooden frame with a lot of intricate designing is what this item needs. Then, you should also go for a lot of Indian wood furniture. They are made in a very extravagant manner that gives a very larger than life appeal to the entire décor of the room. Another important item is the Sarees. They can be used in a lot of innovative ways as draperies.

PostHeaderIcon Mending a broken tile

Tips to repair broken tiles, tilesIn most cases, you will be advised to get broken tiles repaired. Since tiles are very at all times. Apart from that, an extra tile or a tile that would be matching is not always available. Even if you get a new tile, you may not have the expertise or even time for that matter, to remove all the grout and glue off the broken tile and get a new one installed. There is another alternative to it and you could get the job done in little time.

The first step is getting a mix of epoxy glue that would have resin and hardener in equal amounts. The cracks have to be filled in with the glue. The cracked areas have to be smoothed in order to get the crack completely filled with epoxy. You can use a toothpick to get the job done. After getting it dried, get it painted.

PostHeaderIcon Polishing your hardwood flooring

hardwood flooring, flooringHardwood flooring has a grand effect on the décor of the house. The whole house adorns an expensive and classy look, not to forget that it speaks of the owner’s taste. Hardwood flooring has been the hot favorite of many and some even dream of their house having hardwood floors someday! However behind the magnificent looks, hardwood does need regular polishing in order to keep up a good face!

There are different types of hardwood polishes available in the market today. The best thing would be to ask your furniture dealer as to what kind of polish to go for. The hardwood surface needs to be cleaned diligently before the polishing can start and an effective manual should be referred to if you are doing it yourself. In most cases, after the polishing is done, the surface is made water and moisture resistant by applying a coat of hardwood sealant.