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PostHeaderIcon Decorate your bathroom oriental style

Oriental décor has a very unique and calming effect in any room. We do pay a lot attention to make our living rooms or bedrooms decorated in oriental style but did you know that now you can even have an oriental styled bathroom? All you need to do is pick the right colors for walls and fabric and the right kind of accessories and you too will have a wonderful and peaceful oriental bathroom.

First of all, you should either choose very dark colors or light pastel shades. If you have a small bathroom, stick to the pastel shades and for larger ones you can select brown, dark wine red or even shades or red with grey or black. You can use laminated bamboo shades for the windows and lots of plants for the space too. Hanging flowering plants and bamboo home plants can also be used. Use a nice oriental design mat near the door and make sure that you use dark colored furniture for the cabinets and storage spaces.