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PostHeaderIcon Tips to do up your hallway

hallwayAre you looking for tips to come up with a properly decked up hallway? The hallway is often the most neglected part of home when it comes to interior decoration but that’s not right- after all the hallway is the first place in your home where you invite your guests to your house. Thus, the hallways need to have an inviting ambience to create the desired positive impression about you & your home, as they step into your house. The article here is a short brief on how to decorate your hallway.

Let’s start with the colors. Generally, the hallway features a restricted space and hence you have to be very careful with the shades. The best colors for your hallway are the neutral shades like beige or white. The neutral hues are the best to create a wonderful space illusion inside. However, you can take to brighter shades if you have a comparatively bigger hallway but the ceiling should be always painted in light. Now, take to lighting. It’s best if you can arrange for soft lighting features across your hallway to create a warm effect. Many people have consoles or bookcase in their hallway- place a nicely decorated table lamp over the console or case. If you want a dramatic effect, you can use fragrant candles as well. These scented candles ooze a dim light ambience along with sweet aroma that makes the place perfect for welcoming.

When it comes to the walls, do not go overboard with wall arts and stick to minimalist décor since you have a constricted space here. The best thing for your hallway wall is decorative mirrors which will also help in creating the spacious feel. Go for one large one or a handful of small mirrors. Carpet up the area well since your hallway receives the maximum traffic.