PostHeaderIcon 5 steps to prevent burglary during your vacation

An empty house is a burglar’s favorite hunting ground. When you plan to go out for a vacation, you also need to plan on how to safeguard your house from burglary. Follow five of the following simple steps to prevent burglary:

1. Get into the shoes of a burglar and start thinking like them. Keep no loopholes available for them to get an entry.

2. The mail service and newspaper delivery should be halted so that nobody gets the hint that you are not at home. The newspapers piled up at the entrance and the loaded mailbox act like an invitation for the burglars.

3. Make sure that the outdoor and indoor parts of your house are installed with timer lights to keep them away.

4. These days burglar even use the socializing sites to find out who all are on a holiday. So never update anything regarding your vacation.

5. Inform the neighbors before leaving for a vacation.

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