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PostHeaderIcon Installing Cubicle Showers

Installing Cubicle ShowersIt is very easy to get shower cubicles that can fit almost any kind of bathroom shape. With the up gradation of technology with time, cubicles are available in all designs with such features that can be easily changed. This article throws light on the various kinds of cubicles that are available and also tells you about the effects of having certain kinds of cubicles in your bathroom.

Square Shower Cubicle: This is most common and the widely bought cubicle among the people. It is very easy to install as it just requires two free walls that are next to each other to which it will be attached. Then glass sides will be attached to the other tow sides to make it into a square cubicle. This can also be easily installed in the corner of the bathroom and helps to make enough space. The types of doors that can be installed in this kind of cubicle can be a hinge door that swings open or a sliding door that can run up and down a track. Both of them can be easily maintained.

Quadrant Shower Cubicle: This cubicle is designed to fit in the corner of any kind of bathroom. This also requires two walls for the purpose of attachment. The front portion is of a round shape. The shower doors that can be installed are hinged door or sliding door. This kind of shower cubicle is very fashionable and trendy and hence is very much in demand by the people.

D-Shaped Shower Cubicle: This design of cubicle needs only one wall to be attached to. The wall of this enclosure is rounded from one wall to the other. The doors that can be used here can again be either hinged or sliding. This is considered as the most elegant shower with various designs.

PostHeaderIcon Smart Storage Ideas For Your Bathrooms

bathroom storageMost of us ignore the importance of a storage space inside our bathroom. Storage spaces in the bathroom are a necessity because towels, soaps, shampoos, toilet papers, toilet cleaners etc need to be stored in the bathroom itself. Thus here are certain storage ideas for your bathroom.

If your bathroom is big then you can easily install big cupboards and cabinets in your bathroom. Incase you have a small bathroom then hang flower baskets off your ceiling and store the toiletries in those baskets. You can even utilize decorated shoe boxes to store things in your bathroom.

Installing a clothing rack behind the bathroom door and on any walls of the bathroom where it will be convenient can be a very good storage option for you. Use the space below the bathroom sink to store certain things.

Remember to keep all the things in the bathroom in an organized and tidy manner. Avoid storing useless things.

PostHeaderIcon Decorate your bathroom oriental style

Oriental décor has a very unique and calming effect in any room. We do pay a lot attention to make our living rooms or bedrooms decorated in oriental style but did you know that now you can even have an oriental styled bathroom? All you need to do is pick the right colors for walls and fabric and the right kind of accessories and you too will have a wonderful and peaceful oriental bathroom.

First of all, you should either choose very dark colors or light pastel shades. If you have a small bathroom, stick to the pastel shades and for larger ones you can select brown, dark wine red or even shades or red with grey or black. You can use laminated bamboo shades for the windows and lots of plants for the space too. Hanging flowering plants and bamboo home plants can also be used. Use a nice oriental design mat near the door and make sure that you use dark colored furniture for the cabinets and storage spaces.

PostHeaderIcon Glam up your bathroom with a black and white themed décor

Bathroom decor ideas, bathroom decoration tipsAdding black and white theme in any room can be very dramatic. Black and white themed décor can create a contemporary, sophisticated and elegant look. They can be the perfect combination of colors.

There are many ways to glam up your bathroom with black and white themed décor. You can install checked theme wall tiles in black and white in your bathroom. You can go for solid white tiles and solid black tiles placed alternatively or place black tile with a border of white or vice versa in your bathroom. When it comes to buying tiles, there are lots of options available in the market. Black and white designed countertops and shower curtains can bring in a sense of elegance. If you have a spacious bathroom with a bathtub, you can buy black and white checked candles from gift shops to add to your black and white themed bathroom décor and make it more relaxing.

PostHeaderIcon Buying discounted bathroom vanities

Bathroom vanities, bathroom furnitureWhen you go on a shopping spree, you might have noticed shops selling bathroom vanities at discounted price, actually before settling on the purchase make sure the reason for discount benefits, at times, old designs or small scratches or paint defects are sold off at low price but be sure about any major defects. The next is to decide on the organising your bathroom, make sure that it fits in the space in your bathroom, don’t get it overcrowded, and think on the thing that would be fitted inside the cabinet, don’t get that overcrowded too with useless toilet kits.

There are plenty of options from to buy the vanity whether online or through the local shop. But when purchasing online, be double sure with the right design and the defect if any, ask for the condition of the item. Be sure before installation that all wall or floor defects are restored properly. Make sure to get all inlet or outlet connections with the vanities are well checked or they can get damaged.

PostHeaderIcon Get a color scheme for the bathroom which is soothing

A bathroom is a vital part of any apartment. Every day we rush to the shower after a hard day’s work and thus, a good color scheme is important to have a soothing ambience. The modern trend is towards a contrasting color combo since simple white shades for both your walls and fixtures look boring.

The ideal wall paints for a bathroom are white, cream, taupe shades, beige, green, yellow pink, peach, light blue to create a calming ambience. Then pair it up with rich and bright shower curtains and bathroom towels. Dark wrought iron cabinets create a dramatic look. Complete the look with subtle yellow lights.

In case, you are planning for a darker wall shade like burgundy brown or black, contrast them with white or cream colored fixtures. Use white lights to touch a brighter look. Black and white combo looks very classy. However, don’t opt for dark wall shades if you have a small bathroom.

PostHeaderIcon Vanity lightings for bathrooms is an excellent option

Having proper light in your bathroom is very important. It not only has functional value, but also, if done properly, can add to the aesthetic quotient of your bathroom. And when it comes to lighting up your bathroom, the first thing to be take care of is vanity lighting.

In a bathroom, the vanity area is the main hub and therefore it only makes sense that you have a lot of light in that area. You can opt for the LED bulbs that come with track lighting handles. They use less energy, last longer and replacing them is extremely easy. For a warm and cozy feel, you can opt for the vanity lamps. Having three-way-bulbs in your bathroom is a wonderful idea.

A discussion on bathroom vanity lighting is incomplete without a word on wall scones. Wall scones come in a wide array of designs and you can choose the one that goes well with the overall décor of your bathroom.

PostHeaderIcon Choosing best furniture for your bathroom

Are you planning to redo your bathroom any time soon? Well, if your answer is in the affirmative, there are a few things that you need to understand. Remodeling your bathroom does not only mean adding a corner shower or changing the color; you have to add some great pieces of bathroom furniture as well.

You should get bathroom vanities for your bathroom. You can find great bathroom vanities from your local home supply store. These are pretty similar to bedroom vanities but have plumbing installed, so that a sink can be accommodated. Bathroom vanities come in different designs and colors and you can choose one in keeping with the décor of your bathroom.

To give your bathroom a chic look, you can install a linen tower. Linen towers also come in different finishes and you can opt for one that matches your sink or bathroom vanity. Some other bathroom furniture that you can get is corner cabinets and hampers.