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PostHeaderIcon Why to go for electric fireplace?

The electric fireplaces have got many benefits over the traditional fireplaces. Though both the types provide more or less the similar function, still now day’s people prefer electric fireplaces over the traditional ones.

The electric fireplaces are very light in weight and can be easily installed at any place in your home. Most electric fireplaces come with wheels and can be moved from one place to another.
The maintenance of the electric fireplaces is very easy since there is no production of smoke, ashes and there are no carbon deposits as well.

Due to absence of any type of smoke, there is no need of chimneys, cleaning which at times can become a very difficult task. The electric fireplace need steady supply of electricity for their proper functioning which is easily accessible. Traditional fireplaces use wood and gas which is not easily accessible and are expensive as well. More electric fireplaces even come with features that reduce your monthly electric too.

Electric fireplaces don’t produce flames and their surface is also coated with heat resistant coating. Thus they ensure safety to the residents of your house.

PostHeaderIcon Easy cleaning tips for your fireplace

It is very important that clean up your fireplace from time to time. If the fireplace is not maintained properly, there can be a lot of problems ad it may lead to fatal accidents as well. When you are about to get the fireplace cleaned, the first thing that you have to take care of is making sure that the area has cooled down.

Therefore, in case of the traditional fireplaces, all the hot coals have to be removed so that you are not burnt. In case of the modern fireplaces, it has to be made sure that the fireplace has remained off for at least a day. It could be hard to clean traditional fireplace. However, with the right tools, it would get easier. You have to make sure that you remove all the soot and the ashes from the fireplace. A vacuum cleaner can be very useful for this purpose.

PostHeaderIcon How to design the Fireplace which can be safe for kids

If you are one of those who live in the colder countries, then a fireplace becomes a must in your house. Although nowadays you can install a heater at your house, nothing can replace the warmth of the fireplace.In fact, the idea of a fireplace brings an entirely different old world charm to your house. But along with the interior and exterior look of your house, you must also ensure the safety of your house, family members, especially kids.

Even if kids do not get hurt by the fire, they tend to get hurt by the sharp edges and stone hearth. Therefore what you can try to do is that make these edges a little blunt. Do not keep anything near the fire place, which could cause the kids to trip over and fall in the stone hearth or anywhere nearby. One of the best ways is to get a fire safety gate around the fire place for an overall protection.

PostHeaderIcon Customizing your Wood Fireplace surround

The wood fireplace surround includes the hearth area, the top and sides, the mantel shelf and the trim too. The material preferred for the fireplace surround is wood. It is easy to be carved which gives you a welcome option to customize your fireplace surround.

The type of wood one uses depends on what kind of mood one wants to create for its family at the fireplace. The golden oak wood is used if one has flooring made up of oaken because it enhances the texture of the floor in a beautiful manner. For a lighter experience, one can use pine or birch which will set a pioneer kind of mood.

You can customize the fireplace with the help of stunning carvings which will make it look elegant too. Certain add-ons for your fireplace surround are mirrors, marble, columns and special type of lightening. The warm sensation and appearance which wood is capable of providing, no other material can.