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PostHeaderIcon Tips For Cleaning Your Hardwood Flooring

Cleaning hardwood flooringFlooring is such a part of the house which is used the most and it is used by each and every member of the family and hence the probability of it getting dirty is also more. Especially if you are having hardwood flooring in your home then it would be definitely giving great look but the chances of it getting dirty is high and it also needs proper maintenance. Thus you need to clean your hardwood flooring on regular basis to keep it well maintained and ensure the longevity of your hardwood flooring. Here are some of the easy ways for cleaning your hardwood flooring.

  • Protect high traffic areas with rugs

There would be certain part of the floor which is used maximum and thus the shine and look of that part will become less. Thus while cleaning your hardwood flooring; you must pay extra focus on high traffic area. You can try protecting those areas with rugs to protect them from getting damaged. Good looking rugs will fulfill two objectives at the same time one is to enhance the beauty of your home and another is to protect high traffic area from wear and tear. While cleaning your hardwood flooring, make sure the rugs you use doesn’t have backing as it can trap humidity and it can ruin the finish of your floor. Thus instead of cleaning your hardwood flooring, you might damage it.

  • Use long walk off doormat

While cleaning your hardwood flooring, one of the easy trick to keep it clean is to not to let the dirt get inside on first place. Use a long walk off doormat, this will keep most of the dirt out of your house in the first place and hence the need of cleaning will be reduced on second place. Get a 4 to 6 foot long doormat for your front door. By using it, even if most of the people don’t wipe their shoes before getting in their shoes will automatically become clean because of this long doormat. This is really very helpful tip for cleaning your hardwood flooring.

  • Know the wax and refinish rules

While cleaning your hardwood flooring, you must be accurate about the type of finish you have. If you are having a wax finish then you can improve it by more wax but if you are having varnish or shellac finish then don’t opt for wax finish as it will make your floor too slippery. Thus be very careful before you make any changes in the finish of your hardwood flooring.

  • Vacuum your floor every week

You would perhaps do it daily and you need to do it. For cleaning your hardwood flooring, you must sweep your floor and also mop it occasionally. Along with this things, you must also vacuum your floor if not daily then at least once in a week. Vacuuming your floor will also keep the finish of the flooring intact and protected.


PostHeaderIcon Polishing your hardwood flooring

hardwood flooring, flooringHardwood flooring has a grand effect on the décor of the house. The whole house adorns an expensive and classy look, not to forget that it speaks of the owner’s taste. Hardwood flooring has been the hot favorite of many and some even dream of their house having hardwood floors someday! However behind the magnificent looks, hardwood does need regular polishing in order to keep up a good face!

There are different types of hardwood polishes available in the market today. The best thing would be to ask your furniture dealer as to what kind of polish to go for. The hardwood surface needs to be cleaned diligently before the polishing can start and an effective manual should be referred to if you are doing it yourself. In most cases, after the polishing is done, the surface is made water and moisture resistant by applying a coat of hardwood sealant.

PostHeaderIcon Hardwood flooring alternatives for you

Hardwood flooring alternatives, flooring optionsIf you are thinking of having hardwood floors, you might consider looking at a few other options. A couple of really good alternatives to hardwood flooring are engineered wood and laminate flooring.

There are many advantages in the case of laminate flooring. The maintenance is not complicated at all and installing the laminate flooring is also very easy. In recent years there have been a lot of developments in laminate flooring. They have been much improved visually and some have real wood-like textures. Laminate flooring come in a variety of price range with the expensive laminates being more visually pleasing and more durable. Engineered pre-finished wood flooring is gaining more popularity by the days. These are made with substrate similar like plywood under veneer hardwood. This type of flooring is used specially in the basements of different homes. Although hardwood flooring is loved by everyone, the maintenance and the cost can be considerable.

PostHeaderIcon Wooden flooring for bedrooms can enhance its looks

If you are building your house or thinking about remodeling, then you ought to consider wooden flooring as an option. If you are thinking whether to go for wooden flooring for your bedroom, you can rest assured, it will look beautiful.

Wooden flooring is quite in vogue and looks wonderful. Your bedroom can acquire a certain class with the help of these floorings. The only thing you need to do is keep it safe from damp or water spills otherwise the flooring might get damaged.

Wooden flooring looks lovely and is also easy to clean. You can just wipe or vacuum the floors to keep them clean. Wooden floors are also extremely durable.

There are various options in wooden flooring. You can choose between oak, walnut or cherry. Something will surely suit your needs and budget. Wooden flooring for your bedroom can be complimented with wooden furniture. Your bedroom will definitely look grand with the combination.

PostHeaderIcon Bamboo flooring can be a very unique idea

Over the years, bamboo flooring has replaced the more conventional methods of flooring like laminate and wooden. In ancient days, bamboo was widely used to floor homes and cottages. There are multiple advantages of using bamboo as flooring medium. Since it is natural, there are lots of benefits of bamboo. Bamboo is a renewable resource, implying that it grows at a very fast rate. Therefore, there won’t be any dearth of bamboo, as far as flooring is concerned.

Another important advantage of bamboo flooring is its resiliency. Maintenance cost associated with bamboo flooring is quite minimal, and does not require regular checking. Also, it can be easily installed, without much pain and effort. Cost of implementation is also quite low, offering better budget. Numerable amount of styles in bamboo is available. Hence, you can choose the perfect texture that suits the interior décor of the room. Bamboos are known to be quite durable and strong.

PostHeaderIcon Top reasons to choose an underlay for your carpet

If you have decided upon buying a new carpet for your flooring, getting an underlay is a must too to make sure that it gets the underlying support which it requires to bring out the performance it is capable of. The underlay not only provides support but also gives extra cushioning because of which walking on a carpet becomes very comfortable.

The underlay even acts as a sound insulator by not allowing the sound to go below. In the same way it even does not allow the heat to escape easily. Any kind of wear and tear which the carpet should have suffered will be absorbed by the underlay, keeping the look and feel of the carpet new for a long period of time. It is even a good dust insulator as it holds a place between the floor and the carpet. Lastly, when the furniture’s will be placed on the carpet, the underlay support will not let it spoil the carpet’s looks.

PostHeaderIcon Increasing the efficiency of your floors using underlay

The efficiency of a floor can be increased with proper floor underlay. It has become very popular these days because of its usefulness and it comes in different varieties with different range of prices. The prices of these underlay do not really affect its efficiency; depends on how well it’s been installed.

With the help of these floor underlay one can cover all the imperfections present on the floor. This will even aid you to lay planks easier due to the flatness of the surface. This floor underlay technique has another advantage of keeping off the outside noise to a certain limit. It even fights against building up of moisture if the underlay is installed properly.

The base of the building should be good and strong, so the underlay material should be of good quality. There are many professional companies which provide this service of helping you out with the choice and installation of floors underlay.

PostHeaderIcon Flat Floors and their uses

The storage houses should have flat floors because many operations take place over it which needs a smooth flat surface. It is very beneficial for businesses and these flat floors help to maneuver the machinery and other equipments easily.

The income generated out of these flat floors is usually good and increasing with years. Using costly material is not a wise thing to do, instead go for the affordable and quality ones. The racks and shelves can be easily placed in the warehouse. The height and weight of the shelves would not cause any hindrance. It can go as high as the ceiling.

The shelves should stay in a balanced position when any product is placed in it; possible only if flat floors are used. When the trucks enter the warehouse, if the ride-in is bumpy it may cause damage to the truck as well as the product it carries.

PostHeaderIcon Different types of Hardwood floors

Choosing between the hardwood floor and the laminated flooring is a tough thing to conclude these days for the common people. The look which a hardwood floor gives to your flooring is very exclusive and beautiful. They provide an elegant look to whichever space they are installed in.

There are different types of hardwood floors available for different spaces in your home. The places which are concerned with moisture like the bathrooms and the kitchen; white oak hardwood flooring will suit them. If you have an aesthetic interest, then you can opt for the dark walnut hardwood for your floors.

Homes which have pets and children should preferably make with maple hardwood flooring while the cherry hardwood flooring can work in any fresh-looking surroundings. If one maintains and takes proper care of any of the type of hardwood floorings, it will last for years with the charismatic look it carries.