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PostHeaderIcon DIY tips to make valance for a window

Window valance are a rage these days. They not only make your window look good but also help to give a definite look to your room as well. If you want to make your own window valance then here are a few tips that will help you in your task:

1)      Go for the simple straight look is this is your first try. First choose the weight of the fabric that you are going for and then the color and pattern. The color and pattern can be whatever you want it to be while we suggest you to go for lighter fabrics as they are easy to handle.

2)      The fabric then has to be cut according to the size of your window and once that is done sew a hem on your valence with the help of the sewing machine or with your hand.

3)      Sew a pocket in the valance for the rod to pass through and your window valance is complete!

PostHeaderIcon Bean Bags – Perfect for trendy home décor

Bean bags are one of the trendy home accessories these days. They are extremely comfortable and relaxing and you can easily place them in any of your rooms and even the patio or balcony. These light weight portable furniture was the brain child of exclusive Italian designers which first came to the market in 1960 and was called Sacco.

The funky foam bean bags can adapt to various body shapes and are found in different styles and shades. Some are for outdoors; some are very hardy while others are warmer to touch. It is better to opt for sturdier fabrics (like denim) and dark shades since they last long and are simpler to clean and maintain. Besides, the classic colors go with any sort of room décor.

Fur bags are the best for cooler climates. Vinyl and nylon bags repel liquids and thus are ideal if kids are around. But make sure these bags are properly stuffed otherwise you would be deprived of the desired comfort.