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PostHeaderIcon How To Choose Window Blinds

Window BlindsAdding a bit of decor to your rooms not only makes them look good but also keeps you happy. Window blinds help to add a fresh look to your room. It provides the elegance and aesthetic ascent to the room. But you might ask how you will choose window blinds for your rooms.

• When you go to buy window blinds you will find a wide range of products with different colors and sizes and designs. Some of the most popular window blinds are horizontal blinds, vertical blinds, slim slats and upright slats. Blinds come in various materials such as silk, rayon, cotton, light weight plastic, wood slats, aluminum and plastic. Depending on the window that your room and the size you can purchase the perfect window blind.
• Choosing the blind color can be confusing but it’s really easy. It is always better to choose a neutral color such as brown, white and beige as they go well with any room color. When you select a color it is important to see the color of the window as well. Choosing contrasting colors also works but one thing that you need to remember is it should complement the furnishing and the walls of the room.
• You can also choose metal blinds. If you want something that can be cleaned easily and also has a long life then metal blinds would be the best for you. The slats on the side are made of metal and they can be found in various colors and the thickness also differs.
• Wood blinds are another type where the slats are wooden. They are often known as Venetian blinds and they are opened and closed with the help of drawstrings.

PostHeaderIcon Tips to do up your hallway

hallwayAre you looking for tips to come up with a properly decked up hallway? The hallway is often the most neglected part of home when it comes to interior decoration but that’s not right- after all the hallway is the first place in your home where you invite your guests to your house. Thus, the hallways need to have an inviting ambience to create the desired positive impression about you & your home, as they step into your house. The article here is a short brief on how to decorate your hallway.

Let’s start with the colors. Generally, the hallway features a restricted space and hence you have to be very careful with the shades. The best colors for your hallway are the neutral shades like beige or white. The neutral hues are the best to create a wonderful space illusion inside. However, you can take to brighter shades if you have a comparatively bigger hallway but the ceiling should be always painted in light. Now, take to lighting. It’s best if you can arrange for soft lighting features across your hallway to create a warm effect. Many people have consoles or bookcase in their hallway- place a nicely decorated table lamp over the console or case. If you want a dramatic effect, you can use fragrant candles as well. These scented candles ooze a dim light ambience along with sweet aroma that makes the place perfect for welcoming.

When it comes to the walls, do not go overboard with wall arts and stick to minimalist décor since you have a constricted space here. The best thing for your hallway wall is decorative mirrors which will also help in creating the spacious feel. Go for one large one or a handful of small mirrors. Carpet up the area well since your hallway receives the maximum traffic.

PostHeaderIcon How to keep your attic cool

With the rising environment protection issue, then trend of using green energy products have increased heavily. The solar attic cooling is one of the latest projects in compliance with the use of green energy. If you are worried about the installation and maintenance costs, you would be happy to know that both the installation and the maintenance cost of the solar attic cooling is very low.

Whenever you go into your attic during the summer, it is stuffy and the initial few minutes are unbearable. But with the solar attic cooling method, you will get immediate cooling solution for your attic and with no extra cost. Rather at the end of the month you will save some money as well.

There are many other ways of cooling your attic like the installation of Air conditioner or some cooling solution, but these things run on non renewable energy resources. Thus they cost much as well as are not environment friendly.

PostHeaderIcon Essentials to keep your home sweet smelling

To make the home sweet smelling we often use many fragrances which may be natural or may be bought from super markets. These are essential because we focus on decorating our home, but forget to keep it pleasant smelling. When guests come over this might cause you a lot of embarrassment. Hence special care should be taken to keep your house sweet smelling. Nice smell also makes mood of the family members better and made them feel good.

There are quite a number of ways to make your home pleasant smelling. First, let natural air in all the time. Do not let your home be damp. Keep aromatic candles, potpourri etc to hike up the pleasant smell. You can also use room fresheners, incenses etc. Keeping your air condition clean is also a great way to steer clear of bad smells. Thus be the envy of the neighborhood and have the most pleasant smelling home.

PostHeaderIcon Mending a broken tile

Tips to repair broken tiles, tilesIn most cases, you will be advised to get broken tiles repaired. Since tiles are very at all times. Apart from that, an extra tile or a tile that would be matching is not always available. Even if you get a new tile, you may not have the expertise or even time for that matter, to remove all the grout and glue off the broken tile and get a new one installed. There is another alternative to it and you could get the job done in little time.

The first step is getting a mix of epoxy glue that would have resin and hardener in equal amounts. The cracks have to be filled in with the glue. The cracked areas have to be smoothed in order to get the crack completely filled with epoxy. You can use a toothpick to get the job done. After getting it dried, get it painted.

PostHeaderIcon How to do up your apartment when living with a toddler

Are you living with little kids around you? Now you can make your home very toddler friendly. Making choices keeping the little ones in mind shall benefit the peaceful coexistence. The first and foremost thing that you must consider before anything else is toddler safety. This element can be incorporated as a part of the home décor by using minimal amount of sharp objects and glass and crystals for home decor because if they end up in the curious hands of your little one then it can prove to be quite dangerous.

If you at all want to use crystals, glass or sharp objects to enhance your home décor then ensure that you decorate them higher than the reach of your toddlers hands. Keep them on higher shelves so that your little family member is successfully kept away from them. You cannot be conveniently destroyed, chewed, and stabbed so you can use heavy metal decorative items. Little hands are less likely to fidget with heavy stuff. Keeping little things in mind can keep the little ones safe.

PostHeaderIcon How curtains can change the whole appeal of a room

curtains, home decor If you want to change the entire look of your house at the minimal cost and effort possible then nothing can serve you better than changing your age old worn out curtains. Diversified curtains are available in the market from which you can choose anything be it heavy or sheer on the basis of your tastes. Silk curtains are the best choice to give your home a complete elegant look, those who are going to have a neutral look for their rooms can go for colors like cream, beige or bottle green. But for a gorgeous look you can always select gold, brown or maroon.

Layered curtains can attach another type of decorating style in your entire room furnishing. You can use blinds under your silk curtains or can team them up with rightly chosen contrast shaded curtains. For a romantic touch in your room you must choose the sheer curtains of blue, yellow or any other pastel colors.

PostHeaderIcon Methods to keep your house dry and clean

A clean and dry house not only looks beautiful but it’s also essential to secure your hygiene. Below are given some tips to keep your home airy and uncluttered.

Regular vacuuming is needed and making it a daily chore lessens much of the cleaning burden. But if you are a professional, utilize the weekends religiously. Bathroom and kitchen requires frequent cleaning and the sinks, kitchen table and bathroom mirror should be cleaned daily. In case of stains or spills, make sure to remove them instantly. Fold your clothes everyday and slot them in specific wardrobes. Buy enough storage bins and teach your children to drop their dirty things there. Moreover, there should be garbage cans in every room and within easy reach.

Keep your windows open and let the sunlight and fresh air come in. There should be a proper ventilation system throughout the house. It’s good if you can fix an exhaust in your kitchen and bathroom. Besides, a dehumidifier is also important to keep the washrooms mold free.

PostHeaderIcon Installing slab drainage in a wet basement

It is a tough undertaking to install slab drainage in a wet basement but if it is done in a proper manner, the wet space can turnout to be useful. This job requires lot of hard work, but once it is accomplished it will payoff.

What is a slab basement? It is just a wide part of concrete which is poured on top of the land. It is way cheaper than the traditional basements which were built by just digging a hole on the ground. The labor required for a slab basement is less and the raw materials required are also of less quantity, making it very cost-effective.

Having a slab basement totally eliminates the chance of your basement being wet anymore. Even if the groundwater level rises, it won’t seep into the basement. Thus the wet basement is transformed into a dry basement with the help of slab drainage system.