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PostHeaderIcon Tips To Decorate Your Bedroom on Budget

Bedroom decorAre you bored with coming back to the same boring bedroom every night? Are you bored with the same color, old furniture and old lightings of your bedroom? Want some change or innovation in your bedroom? If yes then what you need is some of the tips for decorating your bedroom. Decorating your bedroom the right way will make your bedroom to look lively and active. Decorating your bedroom will give it a new personality and energy, the same room make you feel boring once and now the same room will make you feel good if you decorate your bedroom nicely. Decorating your bedroom is always a want of every homeowner but what restricts them from doing so is the budget. When it comes to decorating your bedroom, you always run for décor items and stuff like them without paying attention to the essential things like logistics and budget. Here are some of the realistic tips which will help you decorate your bedroom on budget.



  • Know how much time and money you can spend

If you have plenty of bucks on decorating your bedroom then you can fulfill each and every wish of your heart but if the situation is contrary then you need to cut down on some wishes and modify some wishes while decorating your bedroom. Make a rough idea as to how much you have got to spend on decorating your bedroom and how much time you are availed with for doing so. If you have got less money to spend then you can try repainting your old furniture instead of buying the new one. Another cost cutting options is to apply vinyl wall decals instead of painting your walls. You can also have the option of decorating your bedroom in installments. One month you can spend on painting your walls, another month you can spend on furniture. This is really a nice option for decorating your bedroom on budget.

  • Decide a theme

Theme does not mean you need to have a specific theme. Theme involves something which fills every details like what kind of rug you want in your bedroom, what curtains or which color you want in your bedroom or which types of bed and cushions. You can coordinate each one of them by setting a theme. It can be anything like your favorite animal or any specific color or something of your interest like sports or any such sort of thing. You can see home décor magazines, surf the internet or visit home improvement stores for ideas.

  • Consider the time period

While decorating your bedroom, painting the room or setting any theme, you must consider the factor that the things which you are choosing will be in trend or liking even after several years. If you can change the décor after several years then it’s good and fine but you cannot change décor of your bedroom in several years then it is advisable to pick such things which are evergreen and passed the test of time.

PostHeaderIcon Safety Tips To Followed While Designing Kids Room

Designing Kids RoomBeing responsible parents while designing your kids’ room you need to take some safety measures. You need to examine everything starting from furniture to paints, toys to fabrics etc. However, in this article we will discuss about the safety measures that you should take while designing your kids’ room.

Let us start with the bed. Once your kid crosses the age of six he or she becomes completely able of handling bunk beds or loft beds safely. Only one thing that you should make sure is there are safety rails on both sides of the upper berth. Another thing that you should check is that the mattress sits fit right below the railing. If you have space issue then loft bed is the best idea. Moreover your kid will love it too. From this age sleepovers become a common incident. So you must give it a thought of how to accommodate the guests. You can install a trundle bed in that case. However, a simple but stylish sleeping bag can also do the trick for you. But make sure there is a working night lamp in your kid’s room. Next is study table and chair. Even if your child does most of his or her study in family room or on the kitchen platform he or she must have a dedicated study table. Just take care of one thing that the table is not very heavy and it does not have sharp edges. Buy a comfortable chair for your kid so that he or she does not suffer from backaches at the end of the day.

Wardrobe is another important thing. Assign the lower one or two drawers of the wardrobe to contain your kid’s toys. That will not only grow up a habit of keeping things at its place but will also prevent your kids from stumbling over toys and get injured. There are many safety measures that you need to follow. These are only the basic.

PostHeaderIcon Tips to change the appearance of your home

appearance of your homeYour home is your abode, your safe haven and you spend your most cherished moment of your life here. So, it is but obvious that you would want your home to look beautiful and stunning. And you must also keep on experimenting with the décor of your home so that you never get tired of coming back to the same décor every day. This is precisely where home improvement comes into the picture. A little twist and tweak in your existing home décor and do wonders and give your home a brand new look that will leave you happy and your guests awestruck.

One of the easiest ways to alter the appearance of your home is to change the interior lighting. Choosing the right light fixture for each of your rooms will not only add to the depth of the ambience of that room and will also accentuate the overall allure of your home décor. When you choose new light fixtures for your home you must keep in mind the overall theme of your décor and choose the fixtures accordingly. You must also keep in mind the purpose of the room while choosing the lighting options. For example, if you want to highlight the furniture in your living room then yellow light is a good option but it certainly is not a sensible choice for a study room.

Though many homeowners do not attach much importance to it, flooring plays a crucial role in home décor and giving your floorings a facelift and change the overall appearance of your home. If you have had hard wooden floors for a while now then you can opt for parquet flooring. This flooring option is a perfect choice for modern homes and you can take your pick from parquet panels and solid parquets. They are rich in texture and stunning.

PostHeaderIcon Garden patio- adding splendor to your house

Are you one of those who enjoy a relaxed outdoor atmosphere, greenery and plenty of nature? if the answer is yes then you should consider using your garden area to make a garden patio. You just need to use your imagination and creativity to the best capacity to transform your garden area into a cool hanging out place.

You can get started with the construction of a patio. Make the patio as the central focus area of your garden. Then you can go ahead with the décor beside and around the patio. For the construction of the patio area, ensure to have elevated flooring along with a strong and sturdy patio cover. You can add furniture and accessories like lamps and lightings to beautify your patio. To give a more nature friendly look, you can use creepers on the pillars and bars of your patio. Make sure to have a beautiful garden full of colorful flowers and plants around the patio. This will add a unique splendor to your entire outdoor house décor.

PostHeaderIcon Color Choices for Small Bathroom

bathroom decor, bathroomAre you planning to renovate your small bathroom? Then choosing the right color is quite an essential part of your plans. A small place can be made to look more beautiful and spacious by selecting the perfect color combination. A blend of light colors will make the area more full of light and airy. It is essential to make your small bathroom look such a way as it would definitely increase the resale value of your home.

While selecting a color you need to keep in mind that you go for a shade that is light in color. Selecting a dark color can make any room look smaller. Colors available in the shades of white are a great option. Colors like off white, rich white, light yellow are better for bathrooms. They bring in more light and make the bathroom look bigger. Keeping these places simple with no designs can also help you in making it look good.

PostHeaderIcon Top 5 kitchen makeover ideas

If you are tired of the way your kitchen looks and feels then here are five makeover ideas for your kitchen:
• Cleaning out your kitchen and changing the color of your kitchen is a good idea. This is an excellent idea if you are looking for a mini makeover and have a small budget.
• Going for modular kitchen ideas, smart drawers and cabinets that save space and add a modern look to your kitchen.
• Expand your kitchen and create space for a small coffee table where you can chat with your kids or family members while you cook or enjoy a quick snack.
• Changing the floor or wall tiles of the kitchen is also a good idea.
• Throw out your old and worn out utensils and bring in new ones. Introduce smart kitchen electronics that make it easier to cook as well as add a stylish look to your kitchen.

PostHeaderIcon Decorating Your Home for a Christmas Party

If you are hosting a Christmas party this year, then there are many things to arrange starting from the food, décor, drinks, managing the guest list to the set up and music as well. So if you want to create a Christmassy feel in your home for the party, here are a few décor ideas which might help. A Christmas tree is a must. You should decorate it aesthetically with lights, silver garlands, and a fairy on top with stars, gift boxes’ decorations, and balls.

Do up the mantelpiece which a traditional candlestick-stand. You can put up fairy lights around the room to bring a warm feel. You can also try and hang paper or felt snowflakes around the room for a snowy and festive look. Don’t forget to drape the tables with white laced cloth for the right feel. You should also not forget to hang up mistletoes around the room.

PostHeaderIcon Adding a vintage style to your décor

Your home is an extension of your personality and that is why it is important to do up the house in a way that would set it apart from the rest of the houses in the neighborhood. There are a lot of styles you can go with and one of the most popular ideas is the vintage décor. There are a few things that you can do in order to get the perfect vintage décor for your house. Area rugs can be perfect idea in this regard.

They will give you a very warm and cozy feeling and two of the most popular options are the Oushak and the Persian rugs. You can also go with the lamp shades. They are perfect for the vintage décor band there are a lot of options when it comes to the different shapes and sizes of the lamp shades. Colorful glasses on arched windows can also be a good idea in this regard.

PostHeaderIcon What are 3D wallpapers?

3D wallpapers are nothing but three dimensional graphics or pictures which people use as their desktop background for the computer. If you search on the internet for 3D wallpapers then there would be millions of images, pictures and 3D backgrounds that you will get and they would be free to download. There are many reasons why 3D wallpapers are so popular. According to a recent survey it has been seen that people prefer to watch television shows, movies and pictures on 3D because they look more realistic than the normal 2D pictures or images.

Whenever you want to set a 3D wallpaper as your computer background there will a pop up asking whether your computer’s resolution would support the picture or not. It often happens that if your computer is an old one then 3D wallpapers may not support in the computer’s system. The wallpapers also depend on the type of operating system you are using currently.

PostHeaderIcon Destination inspired décor: India

An Indian inspired décor can be a very good way of giving your house a completely unique décor. There are some elements that are very vibrant, just like the culture of India and they can be nicely incorporated into the décor. It is a diverse culture so there are a lot of options. One of the best items to go for is the big bed. It is known as the “Maharaja bed” which is a king sized bed as the name suggests.

A big wooden frame with a lot of intricate designing is what this item needs. Then, you should also go for a lot of Indian wood furniture. They are made in a very extravagant manner that gives a very larger than life appeal to the entire décor of the room. Another important item is the Sarees. They can be used in a lot of innovative ways as draperies.