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PostHeaderIcon Add a lavish touch with antler lighting

Antler lighting, home lightingIf you are remodeling your house, you will know how important it is to have a good light fixture in your home in order to complete the décor of the house. One of the best options for the lighting of your house is the antler lights. There is a huge popularity of this lighting company in the market as there is in the consumer market. You will be able to choose from a variety of options when it comes to the different designs of these lights.

There are some incredible small antlers lights that are ideal that are best suited for rooms that are small. There are also some great options like Elk and Moose antler lights and they are perfect for the rooms that are large. You can also choose from the various lamps of antler to decorate the various places of your house. You will be able to get a great blend of traditional sophistication with the contemporary feel of your house.

PostHeaderIcon Home lighting – essential yet ignored aspect

This aspect of home décor is mostly neglected which on the contrary is the most essential part of the décor. How will the beautiful vases and the sleek furniture be visible if the lighting during the nights is not enough or poorly placed? To avoid this, read on and find out great ways by which your home will shine bright and fine. The foremost step is to determine what your lighting goals are, i.e. to know where you’d require the lights and what’ll be their proximity. You have to make sure that all the corners of the dwelling are covered.

Provide the lighting to the outer parts of the house in abundance precisely for your security. You can also use exterior sconces to make your exterior lighting more aesthetically sound. Inside the rooms install multiple light sources which when lighted together look astonishing. And when it comes to the dining room, look for exotic chandeliers that brighten your mood in a split second.


PostHeaderIcon Make a strong decorative statement using lights

Lights are an integral part of any home décor since effective illumination affect a lot to ensure your desired ambience. Here are some tips to create a powerful decorative statement with lighting fixtures.

If you are planning for a dazzling look, sparkle up your room with a glamorous crystal chandelier. These days they are also found in miniature versions suitable for small rooms. Halogen bulbs create a dramatic effect and can be used to highlight specifically on your interesting stuffs like the beautiful Ming vase. Another fine pick would be a seventies lamp with a cylindrical wire equipped with a circular glass lampshade. These retro lamps are very much in vogue these days.

When you are planning for a romantic cozy feel go for candles and freestanding wire bulbs with cream or yellow shades. They diffuse a soft glow which creates a mystic aura in the room. Place them on your armchair or bedside table tops and over sophisticated furniture like a piano.