PostHeaderIcon Changing your room according to the seasons

Season change is a big influence in all our lives and decorating your home according to the two main seasons is a thrilling experience. It can become quite an expensive affair but you need to figure out innovative ways to do the same staying within your budget. Since winter is the longest and the most festive season you can go for warm hues like deep greens, red etc especially if you live in a cold climatic region. You could also opt for heavy décor items like throw pillows or fancy blankets. Use heavy drapes in windows during the winter season Change the floral to cues of winter flowers like shrubs or evergreens.

During summers you could use summer flowers in several areas of the house. You can replace the heavy drapes and curtains with airy light valances. Do away with the heavier material during summers and include lighter shades in the room like bright greens, yellows or pastel shades.

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