PostHeaderIcon Customizing your Wood Fireplace surround

The wood fireplace surround includes the hearth area, the top and sides, the mantel shelf and the trim too. The material preferred for the fireplace surround is wood. It is easy to be carved which gives you a welcome option to customize your fireplace surround.

The type of wood one uses depends on what kind of mood one wants to create for its family at the fireplace. The golden oak wood is used if one has flooring made up of oaken because it enhances the texture of the floor in a beautiful manner. For a lighter experience, one can use pine or birch which will set a pioneer kind of mood.

You can customize the fireplace with the help of stunning carvings which will make it look elegant too. Certain add-ons for your fireplace surround are mirrors, marble, columns and special type of lightening. The warm sensation and appearance which wood is capable of providing, no other material can.

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