PostHeaderIcon Decorative wall painting technique for your home

Decorative wall painting, wall painting If you feel your wall colors to be dull and boring, you can brighten up the face of your house with your own decorative wall painting following some of the simplest techniques. You can sponge or rag the walls to create an uncommon look, or you can stamp or stencil any particular design or pattern you like.

Most techniques for wall painting involve using two shades of the same color. The darker color is used for the base painting, the lighter color is used for sponging or ragging over the base. Faux decorating is a popular concept where you can make a wall look like it’s made of bricks. Faux finishes can be made easily by stamping or stenciling to bring that wallpaper effect. Applying faux finish to make your room look like it is made of plaster or suede is also popular. However, these are just paints and can be redone anytime.

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