PostHeaderIcon Feng Shui tips for your kitchen

The kitchen is often considered as ‘heart of home’ and it is the liveliest place in your entire house. Feng Shui enhances your wealth, health and prosperity so when your kitchen is built and decorated in accordance to Feng Shui, it altogether promotes the gush of abundance and thus contentment in your life. The initial things to be remembered is to keep you kitchen always clean. It should not be congested, and should have plenty of free space.

It should be airy and radiant. You should not overload your kitchen with unnecessary utensils or decorative items. Remember Simple and classy look will instead reflect of your own personality. Throw the litters in a dustbin to keep kitchen clean and healthy. Flowers always impose freshness and fragrance so it is the best possible element to be used in kitchen for looks. Different shades of yellow like cream-yellow, sunny-yellow should be selected to paint the kitchen walls.

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