PostHeaderIcon Four Unique Home Décor styles which might inspire you

Planning to refurbish your home lately? Below are given some exotic décor themes which might interest you.

Gothic style of interior decoration is perfect to create the old world richness and grandeur especially if you have a large house. It involves heavy silk fabrics, a huge and glamorous crystal chandelier, dark shades, hardwood furniture and flooring, decorative carpets, wrought iron accessories, marble sculptures and also a sophisticated centerpiece. Then you can follow the aesthetic Mediterranean feel with marble floors, indoor plants, terracotta pots, aquatic shades, wooden flooring, arched doorways, wrought iron furniture and vibrant ceramic tiles.

The Asian theme is a mix of Indonesian, Thai, Japanese and Chinese culture. It uses bright hues (like black, red or gold), depictions of Lord Buddha and lots of floral themes and motifs of powerful Asian dragon. The African style adopts rainbow and earthy hues. Its typical cultural patterns and symbols like the tribal motifs and exquisite art works are also followed in their customary home décor.

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