PostHeaderIcon Gas Fireplace: Merits And Demerits

Gas FireplaceIf you live in a country which experiences very cold winter months then you should make it a point to install a fireplace in your house because it will provide the necessary warmth and relaxation to your family members and you during the chilly winter months. Surely the fireplace keeps your house warm. But along with that it provides natural light to the room it is installed and enhances the overall look of that room as well. Gas fireplaces have actually replaced the traditional fireplaces in most of the homes today. This kind of fireplace has many merits and demerits which are going to be discussed in this article.

Merits: Firstly, gas fireplaces are energy-efficient and eco-friendly because these make use of natural gas. Once a gas fireplace is installed in your home you do not have to take out time to chop wood because it starts working immediately after you push the button on it. Most of the models even have timers and remote controls that can be used to dictate the working of these fireplaces. Gas fireplace produces realistic fires and is compatible with any type of home décor. If you own a small house then gas fireplace is the best option for you since it will not take up that much space in your house. Gas fireplace is a convenient fireplace option because you will not have to store huge quantities of logs in your house.

Demerits: Gas fireplace can cause respiratory problems and asthma if proper ventilation system is not installed in your house. You will have to purchase fuel every month or year, in order to keep the gas fireplace running. The oaky and smoky smell that comes out of burning logs of wood will obviously be missed by those of you who love that smell because a gas fireplace is installed.

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