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Our mood changes with every season, so why not our decoration? Below are given some useful tips on how to arrange your home with each passing season.

Let’s start with chilled winters. Create a warm ambience with heavy stuffs like blankets or throw pillows draped casually over Chesterfield. Opt for solid hues. Arrange for heavy curtains and spice up the room with shrubs or evergreens. Spring sets a lighter mood. Thus keep away all the heavy items and replace them with lighter fabrics and shades. Get some fresh flowers and adorn the walls with beautiful landscape portraits.

The spring theme goes well in the summer seasons except for certain minor changes. Replace the spring flowers with the summer ones. Use thin airy valances for your window instead of curtains. Autumn again calls for heavy pieces since it leads to winter. Adorn the room with candle sticks. Get a wooden bowl to store autumn leaves and create a contrast with a couple of twigs which is bonded with raffia.

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