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Everyone loves clean and tidy home but no one likes to take effort to clean to clean the house. If easy and quick cleaning tips are available then everyone would try to clean their house and maintain it. Here is some of the house cleaning tips.

Kitchen Cleaning

Circle your way around

While cleaning kitchen, always start from the right side of your stove and carry on clock wise around the room. Logic behind it is that stove would be the dirtiest portion of your kitchen so keeping it last keeps the dirt and other dust away from spreading to other part of kitchen.

Sanitize the sink

Kitchen sink contains more bacteria then toilet seat. Thus it is very important to clean it properly. For removing all bacteria, you should first clean the sink with water and soap. After that spray the mist of vinegar and then hydrogen peroxide and then allow the air to dry. This will make your sink bacteria free.

Do dishwasher duty

For removing the stains or stuck on food, clean your dishwasher machine with a damp cloth soaked with baking soda at least once in a week. It’s not enough to clean the machine from outside so for cleaning it from inside run an empty cycle with dishwasher magic. Bleach can also be added to dish cycle for removal of bacteria.

Clean your Oven

Keep your oven clean by lining the bottom with the help of a non stick oven liner. It can be cleaned with a paper towel or you can also put it in a dishwasher and it can be reused again and again.

Bathroom cleaning

Clean your Doors

You have various options to keep your doors clean as you can try a teaspoon of lemon oil on glass shower doors twice in a month which results in rolling off the water. You can also try out Rain-X glass treatment which is a car care product meant to keep the water of rain away from the windshield. You can use this treatment twice a year.

Tame the toilet

You can use a teaspoon of Tang drink mix and drop it in the bowl. Let it remain the bowl for few minutes and after that swish and flush. If you have a doubt that the toilet water will splash, then put the toilet brush in and out before you use it. It helps in lowering the level of water and let it swish properly.

Corral strays

It’s very important to keep the drains free from clogs and hair. For doing so you can use products like Drano or liquid plumr to be sure that clogs are gone. You can pour boiling water down the strains at least once in a week to stay away from germs and bacteria and be safe by keeping problems away. Clean up the annoying stray hairs from the floors by sweeping them with the help of damp wad of toilet paper each morning.

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