PostHeaderIcon How can you utilize the garbage stuffs in decorating your room?

Planning for an interior decoration? Wait and look around the house. You will find some very useful décor items which you have dumped carelessly as trash. The article here discusses on how to utilize some of your garbage stuffs in decking up the rooms. It actually helps when you are on a tight budget and has several eco-friendly benefits.

Firstly, do not throw away the beautiful liquor, squash and powder bottles as they make fantastic flower vases or pen holders with a little make up. Wash it up and then wrap up a used paper around it. Ask the kids to adorn the paper with colorful ribbons, glitters and decorative mini stones. If you don’t get the ribbons, color up your old shoe lace.

Search through your wardrobe. The old clothes would be a fine choice for pillow and cushion covers. Small pieces of rags can be folded and stitched together for a nice wall hanging. Glue your old buttons on it for a cute look.

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