PostHeaderIcon How pine needle baskets can be a fantastic home decor accessory

pine needle baskets Pine needle basket has existed from the inception of the modern world. In the ancient era it was used as feed basket, winning seeds and for carrying water. It was after the civil war around 1865 when the pine needle basket came into the picture as a home décor accessory. Modern pine baskets are made by a coiling technique. Pine basket as a home décor gives a natural touch to your overall look.

You can use pine needle baskets as a decorative item, pen stand or a fruit basket; they are the most common use of pine needle baskets. Pine needle baskets are usually of natural colors and there is also an option of dying them in your favorite color. There is the use of many stitches on the basket like spiral wheat, fern stitch, diamond stitch, knot stitch, popcorn stitch and Indian wrap stitch to give a special look to the basket. Pine needle basket is any day a perfect style statement for your home.

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