PostHeaderIcon How to design the Fireplace which can be safe for kids

If you are one of those who live in the colder countries, then a fireplace becomes a must in your house. Although nowadays you can install a heater at your house, nothing can replace the warmth of the fireplace.In fact, the idea of a fireplace brings an entirely different old world charm to your house. But along with the interior and exterior look of your house, you must also ensure the safety of your house, family members, especially kids.

Even if kids do not get hurt by the fire, they tend to get hurt by the sharp edges and stone hearth. Therefore what you can try to do is that make these edges a little blunt. Do not keep anything near the fire place, which could cause the kids to trip over and fall in the stone hearth or anywhere nearby. One of the best ways is to get a fire safety gate around the fire place for an overall protection.

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