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Installing Cubicle ShowersIt is very easy to get shower cubicles that can fit almost any kind of bathroom shape. With the up gradation of technology with time, cubicles are available in all designs with such features that can be easily changed. This article throws light on the various kinds of cubicles that are available and also tells you about the effects of having certain kinds of cubicles in your bathroom.

Square Shower Cubicle: This is most common and the widely bought cubicle among the people. It is very easy to install as it just requires two free walls that are next to each other to which it will be attached. Then glass sides will be attached to the other tow sides to make it into a square cubicle. This can also be easily installed in the corner of the bathroom and helps to make enough space. The types of doors that can be installed in this kind of cubicle can be a hinge door that swings open or a sliding door that can run up and down a track. Both of them can be easily maintained.

Quadrant Shower Cubicle: This cubicle is designed to fit in the corner of any kind of bathroom. This also requires two walls for the purpose of attachment. The front portion is of a round shape. The shower doors that can be installed are hinged door or sliding door. This kind of shower cubicle is very fashionable and trendy and hence is very much in demand by the people.

D-Shaped Shower Cubicle: This design of cubicle needs only one wall to be attached to. The wall of this enclosure is rounded from one wall to the other. The doors that can be used here can again be either hinged or sliding. This is considered as the most elegant shower with various designs.

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