PostHeaderIcon Make a strong decorative statement using lights

Lights are an integral part of any home décor since effective illumination affect a lot to ensure your desired ambience. Here are some tips to create a powerful decorative statement with lighting fixtures.

If you are planning for a dazzling look, sparkle up your room with a glamorous crystal chandelier. These days they are also found in miniature versions suitable for small rooms. Halogen bulbs create a dramatic effect and can be used to highlight specifically on your interesting stuffs like the beautiful Ming vase. Another fine pick would be a seventies lamp with a cylindrical wire equipped with a circular glass lampshade. These retro lamps are very much in vogue these days.

When you are planning for a romantic cozy feel go for candles and freestanding wire bulbs with cream or yellow shades. They diffuse a soft glow which creates a mystic aura in the room. Place them on your armchair or bedside table tops and over sophisticated furniture like a piano.

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