PostHeaderIcon Mending a broken tile

Tips to repair broken tiles, tilesIn most cases, you will be advised to get broken tiles repaired. Since tiles are very at all times. Apart from that, an extra tile or a tile that would be matching is not always available. Even if you get a new tile, you may not have the expertise or even time for that matter, to remove all the grout and glue off the broken tile and get a new one installed. There is another alternative to it and you could get the job done in little time.

The first step is getting a mix of epoxy glue that would have resin and hardener in equal amounts. The cracks have to be filled in with the glue. The cracked areas have to be smoothed in order to get the crack completely filled with epoxy. You can use a toothpick to get the job done. After getting it dried, get it painted.

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