PostHeaderIcon Outhouse Remodeling Tips

An outhouse is bound to remind of you of your younger days and make you feel nostalgic. If you still have an outhouse adjoining your house and would like to keep it that way, then you should remodel it and give it a brand new look.
As far as remodeling an old outhouse is concerned, opt for the classic design. You can have a clapboard shack along with peak roof. You can also have a wooden door and for the fun of it can add a half moon cutout. However, while remodeling your house you must always keep the mind the appearance that you want to give it. As for the décor of the outhouse you can decorate the exterior with murals. You can also pot a few flowers at the base or hang a few floral baskets on the sides of the outhouse. You can also make the outhouse look like a barn by painting it red with white trims.

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