PostHeaderIcon Safety Tips To Followed While Designing Kids Room

Designing Kids RoomBeing responsible parents while designing your kids’ room you need to take some safety measures. You need to examine everything starting from furniture to paints, toys to fabrics etc. However, in this article we will discuss about the safety measures that you should take while designing your kids’ room.

Let us start with the bed. Once your kid crosses the age of six he or she becomes completely able of handling bunk beds or loft beds safely. Only one thing that you should make sure is there are safety rails on both sides of the upper berth. Another thing that you should check is that the mattress sits fit right below the railing. If you have space issue then loft bed is the best idea. Moreover your kid will love it too. From this age sleepovers become a common incident. So you must give it a thought of how to accommodate the guests. You can install a trundle bed in that case. However, a simple but stylish sleeping bag can also do the trick for you. But make sure there is a working night lamp in your kid’s room. Next is study table and chair. Even if your child does most of his or her study in family room or on the kitchen platform he or she must have a dedicated study table. Just take care of one thing that the table is not very heavy and it does not have sharp edges. Buy a comfortable chair for your kid so that he or she does not suffer from backaches at the end of the day.

Wardrobe is another important thing. Assign the lower one or two drawers of the wardrobe to contain your kid’s toys. That will not only grow up a habit of keeping things at its place but will also prevent your kids from stumbling over toys and get injured. There are many safety measures that you need to follow. These are only the basic.

PostHeaderIcon Garden Improvement tips

Garden ImprovementRenovating your garden is a great home improvement idea. It improves your standard and quality of life. It can be a good place for parties, relaxing, enjoying the nature, rejuvenating yourself by doing some yoga in the open. Improving it can also increase the value of your house if you intend on selling your house any day in future.

Materials used in garden are always naturally made so as to meet the challenges of nature conservation. You can add furniture to your garden instead of doing much to the landscape. You can also add a pool to the garden so that you can sit and relax by its side, also you can ask your guests to join you by the poolside which will definitely impress them. Gardening can surly help you improve your garden. You can add trees, fruits, flowers and various other plants. You can also enjoy gardening as your favorite job when you want to relax or simply want to spend some time amongst nature.

Wooden benches and chairs in the middle of the garden which a light colored umbrella like shade is a very soothing place to have you food. Hydroponic gardening is the best way to help your plants grow well. In this method nutrients are given to the plants directly so that it does not have to depend on the other plants for its growth. You can use this method throughout the year and you can grow almost any plant under this method. It does not create much dirt and hence is environment friendly. Calamondin Orange is a beautiful flower that can grow in your garden. It is multi colored and bears fruits. It has a very pleasant appearance and is very attractive. It grows the best in spring and does not require much care.

PostHeaderIcon Gas Fireplace: Merits And Demerits

Gas FireplaceIf you live in a country which experiences very cold winter months then you should make it a point to install a fireplace in your house because it will provide the necessary warmth and relaxation to your family members and you during the chilly winter months. Surely the fireplace keeps your house warm. But along with that it provides natural light to the room it is installed and enhances the overall look of that room as well. Gas fireplaces have actually replaced the traditional fireplaces in most of the homes today. This kind of fireplace has many merits and demerits which are going to be discussed in this article.

Merits: Firstly, gas fireplaces are energy-efficient and eco-friendly because these make use of natural gas. Once a gas fireplace is installed in your home you do not have to take out time to chop wood because it starts working immediately after you push the button on it. Most of the models even have timers and remote controls that can be used to dictate the working of these fireplaces. Gas fireplace produces realistic fires and is compatible with any type of home décor. If you own a small house then gas fireplace is the best option for you since it will not take up that much space in your house. Gas fireplace is a convenient fireplace option because you will not have to store huge quantities of logs in your house.

Demerits: Gas fireplace can cause respiratory problems and asthma if proper ventilation system is not installed in your house. You will have to purchase fuel every month or year, in order to keep the gas fireplace running. The oaky and smoky smell that comes out of burning logs of wood will obviously be missed by those of you who love that smell because a gas fireplace is installed.

PostHeaderIcon Jute Rugs: Advantages

Jute RugsThe natural fibre- Jute is grown in the Middle-Eastern and Asian countries especially. Bangladesh and India lead in the production of high-quality jute. If you want to change the overall look of your house and like the general appearance of rugs then you can surely purchase jute rugs for your home. Jute rugs come in different shapes and sizes. Nowadays the market is flooded with these jute rugs and you can get hold of them easily.

Here are some of benefits of jute rugs. Jute rugs are really environmentally friendly. Since every person today is conscious about keeping the environment clean and healthy, you can do your little bit by buying jute rugs as these are eco-friendly. These can be recycled conveniently and jute rugs can be disposed of appropriately as well because these are biodegradable.

Rugs made out of jute are extremely durable and strong because jute is considered to be the strongest fibre in the world. Patterns found on jute rugs are very beautiful and compliment any kind of home decor. Jute rugs do not require much maintenance and care. You can use vacuum cleaners to clean the jute rugs efficiently. These rugs are colorfast, retain dye and have a natural shine. Jute rugs have a natural feel to it.

You can purchase jute rugs at very reasonable prices because jute production costs are usually very low. Jute is the most inexpensive natural fibre and rugs made out of jute can be bought by anyone as it is extremely affordable. These rugs can resist fire very effectively. In the same way the rugs are anti-static.
Those who have allergies can surely use jute rugs in their homes. Jute rugs have the ability to repel mildew, mold, dust mites etc. Thus any kind of allergies related to these creatures can be avoided.

PostHeaderIcon Tips to do up your hallway

hallwayAre you looking for tips to come up with a properly decked up hallway? The hallway is often the most neglected part of home when it comes to interior decoration but that’s not right- after all the hallway is the first place in your home where you invite your guests to your house. Thus, the hallways need to have an inviting ambience to create the desired positive impression about you & your home, as they step into your house. The article here is a short brief on how to decorate your hallway.

Let’s start with the colors. Generally, the hallway features a restricted space and hence you have to be very careful with the shades. The best colors for your hallway are the neutral shades like beige or white. The neutral hues are the best to create a wonderful space illusion inside. However, you can take to brighter shades if you have a comparatively bigger hallway but the ceiling should be always painted in light. Now, take to lighting. It’s best if you can arrange for soft lighting features across your hallway to create a warm effect. Many people have consoles or bookcase in their hallway- place a nicely decorated table lamp over the console or case. If you want a dramatic effect, you can use fragrant candles as well. These scented candles ooze a dim light ambience along with sweet aroma that makes the place perfect for welcoming.

When it comes to the walls, do not go overboard with wall arts and stick to minimalist décor since you have a constricted space here. The best thing for your hallway wall is decorative mirrors which will also help in creating the spacious feel. Go for one large one or a handful of small mirrors. Carpet up the area well since your hallway receives the maximum traffic.

PostHeaderIcon Tips to change the appearance of your home

appearance of your homeYour home is your abode, your safe haven and you spend your most cherished moment of your life here. So, it is but obvious that you would want your home to look beautiful and stunning. And you must also keep on experimenting with the décor of your home so that you never get tired of coming back to the same décor every day. This is precisely where home improvement comes into the picture. A little twist and tweak in your existing home décor and do wonders and give your home a brand new look that will leave you happy and your guests awestruck.

One of the easiest ways to alter the appearance of your home is to change the interior lighting. Choosing the right light fixture for each of your rooms will not only add to the depth of the ambience of that room and will also accentuate the overall allure of your home décor. When you choose new light fixtures for your home you must keep in mind the overall theme of your décor and choose the fixtures accordingly. You must also keep in mind the purpose of the room while choosing the lighting options. For example, if you want to highlight the furniture in your living room then yellow light is a good option but it certainly is not a sensible choice for a study room.

Though many homeowners do not attach much importance to it, flooring plays a crucial role in home décor and giving your floorings a facelift and change the overall appearance of your home. If you have had hard wooden floors for a while now then you can opt for parquet flooring. This flooring option is a perfect choice for modern homes and you can take your pick from parquet panels and solid parquets. They are rich in texture and stunning.

PostHeaderIcon Tips to use your basement effectively

basementBasement is that part of the house of which little care is taken. Thus, in most cases you will find your basement cluttered and disorganized. However, if you follow few simple things, you can very easily end up using your basement effectively.

You can always turn your basement into a gym. Gyms these days have become very common. However due to professional commitments most of us don’t get enough time to hit the gym regularly. So creating a gym in the basement can help you. You need to clear off all the clutter from your basement and then place the essential gym equipments like the treadmill, cross trainer, cycler, etc.

You can even create a gaming room there by installing a large screen, home theatre systems and joysticks. For a gaming room, a low level bed with cushions is the best suited as it offers the ultimate position for playing the game properly. You can even convert your basement in to a library. You just need to get the right furniture, the book shelves, table and the proper lighting scheme to enable proper vision.

PostHeaderIcon Smart Storage Ideas For Your Bathrooms

bathroom storageMost of us ignore the importance of a storage space inside our bathroom. Storage spaces in the bathroom are a necessity because towels, soaps, shampoos, toilet papers, toilet cleaners etc need to be stored in the bathroom itself. Thus here are certain storage ideas for your bathroom.

If your bathroom is big then you can easily install big cupboards and cabinets in your bathroom. Incase you have a small bathroom then hang flower baskets off your ceiling and store the toiletries in those baskets. You can even utilize decorated shoe boxes to store things in your bathroom.

Installing a clothing rack behind the bathroom door and on any walls of the bathroom where it will be convenient can be a very good storage option for you. Use the space below the bathroom sink to store certain things.

Remember to keep all the things in the bathroom in an organized and tidy manner. Avoid storing useless things.

PostHeaderIcon Garden patio- adding splendor to your house

Are you one of those who enjoy a relaxed outdoor atmosphere, greenery and plenty of nature? if the answer is yes then you should consider using your garden area to make a garden patio. You just need to use your imagination and creativity to the best capacity to transform your garden area into a cool hanging out place.

You can get started with the construction of a patio. Make the patio as the central focus area of your garden. Then you can go ahead with the décor beside and around the patio. For the construction of the patio area, ensure to have elevated flooring along with a strong and sturdy patio cover. You can add furniture and accessories like lamps and lightings to beautify your patio. To give a more nature friendly look, you can use creepers on the pillars and bars of your patio. Make sure to have a beautiful garden full of colorful flowers and plants around the patio. This will add a unique splendor to your entire outdoor house décor.

PostHeaderIcon Creating a music studio right inside your house

If you are a music lover or if you have some music band, then you need a proper place to rehearse. The only place where you can rehearse is a proper music studio. There are certain requirements of a music studio without which you can’t successfully practice there. There are certain music studios which are available on rent. But then the rent at times reach such a level that it is not possible for you to bear. In such a case you can create a music studio in your house only.

You have to identify an isolated place or room in your house which is away from the rooms and where there is no chance of disturbance. So you can practice properly in a cool mind in the music studio. You have to proper electrical arrangements for all the musical instruments in that room. Also you have to look for some special place in the room where you can amplifiers and box.

If you have enough budgets in hand, then you can get the walls, doors and windows padded with sound proof padding. This will make your music session perfect.