PostHeaderIcon How to keep your attic cool

With the rising environment protection issue, then trend of using green energy products have increased heavily. The solar attic cooling is one of the latest projects in compliance with the use of green energy. If you are worried about the installation and maintenance costs, you would be happy to know that both the installation and the maintenance cost of the solar attic cooling is very low.

Whenever you go into your attic during the summer, it is stuffy and the initial few minutes are unbearable. But with the solar attic cooling method, you will get immediate cooling solution for your attic and with no extra cost. Rather at the end of the month you will save some money as well.

There are many other ways of cooling your attic like the installation of Air conditioner or some cooling solution, but these things run on non renewable energy resources. Thus they cost much as well as are not environment friendly.

PostHeaderIcon Outhouse Remodeling Tips

An outhouse is bound to remind of you of your younger days and make you feel nostalgic. If you still have an outhouse adjoining your house and would like to keep it that way, then you should remodel it and give it a brand new look.
As far as remodeling an old outhouse is concerned, opt for the classic design. You can have a clapboard shack along with peak roof. You can also have a wooden door and for the fun of it can add a half moon cutout. However, while remodeling your house you must always keep the mind the appearance that you want to give it. As for the décor of the outhouse you can decorate the exterior with murals. You can also pot a few flowers at the base or hang a few floral baskets on the sides of the outhouse. You can also make the outhouse look like a barn by painting it red with white trims.

PostHeaderIcon Why to go for electric fireplace?

The electric fireplaces have got many benefits over the traditional fireplaces. Though both the types provide more or less the similar function, still now day’s people prefer electric fireplaces over the traditional ones.

The electric fireplaces are very light in weight and can be easily installed at any place in your home. Most electric fireplaces come with wheels and can be moved from one place to another.
The maintenance of the electric fireplaces is very easy since there is no production of smoke, ashes and there are no carbon deposits as well.

Due to absence of any type of smoke, there is no need of chimneys, cleaning which at times can become a very difficult task. The electric fireplace need steady supply of electricity for their proper functioning which is easily accessible. Traditional fireplaces use wood and gas which is not easily accessible and are expensive as well. More electric fireplaces even come with features that reduce your monthly electric too.

Electric fireplaces don’t produce flames and their surface is also coated with heat resistant coating. Thus they ensure safety to the residents of your house.

PostHeaderIcon Color Choices for Small Bathroom

bathroom decor, bathroomAre you planning to renovate your small bathroom? Then choosing the right color is quite an essential part of your plans. A small place can be made to look more beautiful and spacious by selecting the perfect color combination. A blend of light colors will make the area more full of light and airy. It is essential to make your small bathroom look such a way as it would definitely increase the resale value of your home.

While selecting a color you need to keep in mind that you go for a shade that is light in color. Selecting a dark color can make any room look smaller. Colors available in the shades of white are a great option. Colors like off white, rich white, light yellow are better for bathrooms. They bring in more light and make the bathroom look bigger. Keeping these places simple with no designs can also help you in making it look good.

PostHeaderIcon Decorate your bathroom oriental style

Oriental décor has a very unique and calming effect in any room. We do pay a lot attention to make our living rooms or bedrooms decorated in oriental style but did you know that now you can even have an oriental styled bathroom? All you need to do is pick the right colors for walls and fabric and the right kind of accessories and you too will have a wonderful and peaceful oriental bathroom.

First of all, you should either choose very dark colors or light pastel shades. If you have a small bathroom, stick to the pastel shades and for larger ones you can select brown, dark wine red or even shades or red with grey or black. You can use laminated bamboo shades for the windows and lots of plants for the space too. Hanging flowering plants and bamboo home plants can also be used. Use a nice oriental design mat near the door and make sure that you use dark colored furniture for the cabinets and storage spaces.

PostHeaderIcon Top 5 kitchen makeover ideas

If you are tired of the way your kitchen looks and feels then here are five makeover ideas for your kitchen:
• Cleaning out your kitchen and changing the color of your kitchen is a good idea. This is an excellent idea if you are looking for a mini makeover and have a small budget.
• Going for modular kitchen ideas, smart drawers and cabinets that save space and add a modern look to your kitchen.
• Expand your kitchen and create space for a small coffee table where you can chat with your kids or family members while you cook or enjoy a quick snack.
• Changing the floor or wall tiles of the kitchen is also a good idea.
• Throw out your old and worn out utensils and bring in new ones. Introduce smart kitchen electronics that make it easier to cook as well as add a stylish look to your kitchen.

PostHeaderIcon Feng Shui tips for your kitchen

The kitchen is often considered as ‘heart of home’ and it is the liveliest place in your entire house. Feng Shui enhances your wealth, health and prosperity so when your kitchen is built and decorated in accordance to Feng Shui, it altogether promotes the gush of abundance and thus contentment in your life. The initial things to be remembered is to keep you kitchen always clean. It should not be congested, and should have plenty of free space.

It should be airy and radiant. You should not overload your kitchen with unnecessary utensils or decorative items. Remember Simple and classy look will instead reflect of your own personality. Throw the litters in a dustbin to keep kitchen clean and healthy. Flowers always impose freshness and fragrance so it is the best possible element to be used in kitchen for looks. Different shades of yellow like cream-yellow, sunny-yellow should be selected to paint the kitchen walls.

PostHeaderIcon Essentials to keep your home sweet smelling

To make the home sweet smelling we often use many fragrances which may be natural or may be bought from super markets. These are essential because we focus on decorating our home, but forget to keep it pleasant smelling. When guests come over this might cause you a lot of embarrassment. Hence special care should be taken to keep your house sweet smelling. Nice smell also makes mood of the family members better and made them feel good.

There are quite a number of ways to make your home pleasant smelling. First, let natural air in all the time. Do not let your home be damp. Keep aromatic candles, potpourri etc to hike up the pleasant smell. You can also use room fresheners, incenses etc. Keeping your air condition clean is also a great way to steer clear of bad smells. Thus be the envy of the neighborhood and have the most pleasant smelling home.

PostHeaderIcon Decorating Your Home for a Christmas Party

If you are hosting a Christmas party this year, then there are many things to arrange starting from the food, décor, drinks, managing the guest list to the set up and music as well. So if you want to create a Christmassy feel in your home for the party, here are a few décor ideas which might help. A Christmas tree is a must. You should decorate it aesthetically with lights, silver garlands, and a fairy on top with stars, gift boxes’ decorations, and balls.

Do up the mantelpiece which a traditional candlestick-stand. You can put up fairy lights around the room to bring a warm feel. You can also try and hang paper or felt snowflakes around the room for a snowy and festive look. Don’t forget to drape the tables with white laced cloth for the right feel. You should also not forget to hang up mistletoes around the room.

PostHeaderIcon Easy cleaning tips for your fireplace

It is very important that clean up your fireplace from time to time. If the fireplace is not maintained properly, there can be a lot of problems ad it may lead to fatal accidents as well. When you are about to get the fireplace cleaned, the first thing that you have to take care of is making sure that the area has cooled down.

Therefore, in case of the traditional fireplaces, all the hot coals have to be removed so that you are not burnt. In case of the modern fireplaces, it has to be made sure that the fireplace has remained off for at least a day. It could be hard to clean traditional fireplace. However, with the right tools, it would get easier. You have to make sure that you remove all the soot and the ashes from the fireplace. A vacuum cleaner can be very useful for this purpose.