PostHeaderIcon Pick a theme for your new home décor

Home décor styles are a very beautiful way to reflect your elegant persona and enchant the visitors. Thus, in case you are planning to embellish your place, opt for a particular theme that goes with your taste. Search online or through the magazines and you will get various themes like formal, rustic, contemporary or casual.

First consider the size of your home and its location. If it’s a small modern apartment situated in a populous street, opt for contemporary or casual styles. The rustic and formal décor go well with big homes which are a little away from the maddening crowd. Now, decide on the colors. If you cannot stand the darker shades try out the lighter hues.

Your hobbies can supply good décor ideas. There are even staircases designed like piano keys. The last thing to consider is your family members. If you have pets or kids around, never go for the rich formal style. However, it is better to consult an interior decorator.

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