PostHeaderIcon Safety Tips To Followed While Designing Kids Room

Designing Kids RoomBeing responsible parents while designing your kids’ room you need to take some safety measures. You need to examine everything starting from furniture to paints, toys to fabrics etc. However, in this article we will discuss about the safety measures that you should take while designing your kids’ room.

Let us start with the bed. Once your kid crosses the age of six he or she becomes completely able of handling bunk beds or loft beds safely. Only one thing that you should make sure is there are safety rails on both sides of the upper berth. Another thing that you should check is that the mattress sits fit right below the railing. If you have space issue then loft bed is the best idea. Moreover your kid will love it too. From this age sleepovers become a common incident. So you must give it a thought of how to accommodate the guests. You can install a trundle bed in that case. However, a simple but stylish sleeping bag can also do the trick for you. But make sure there is a working night lamp in your kid’s room. Next is study table and chair. Even if your child does most of his or her study in family room or on the kitchen platform he or she must have a dedicated study table. Just take care of one thing that the table is not very heavy and it does not have sharp edges. Buy a comfortable chair for your kid so that he or she does not suffer from backaches at the end of the day.

Wardrobe is another important thing. Assign the lower one or two drawers of the wardrobe to contain your kid’s toys. That will not only grow up a habit of keeping things at its place but will also prevent your kids from stumbling over toys and get injured. There are many safety measures that you need to follow. These are only the basic.

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