PostHeaderIcon The evolution of Gothic Home Décor styles

The Gothic or Victorian style evolved during the reign of Queen Victoria which started in June 1837 and lasted till January 1901. The period had a tremendous influence on the contemporary dressing, literature, arts and décor ideas.

The essence of Gothic style is luxury and richness. Thus, wrap your room in velvet and silk fabrics from curtains to bedding to cushions. Hardwood furniture and flooring is perfect to bring the Gothic look. Add oriental rugs and paint the furnitue in black. Decorate the walls with old paintins or hang some knives and swords to create the medieval Victorian feel. Try out faux painting on the walls with different dark shades like gray, beige, tan, grey-blue, dark brown or black.

Candles are a fine choice you could get metallic holders for them. Hang a bright crystal chandelier from your high ceiling to add the perfect dose of glamour in the room. It’s good if you get a classy centrepiece like a beautiful piano. If possible place some marble sculputures.

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