PostHeaderIcon Useful tips for sparkling home décor

Are you are bored with your simple and drab rooms? Opt for a sparkling theme to jazz up your mood always.

Splashes of rich colors and vibrant textures render beauty and life to your dull status. Hence color up your entire home in bright shades like bright red, pink, sunshine yellow, green or blue. If you prefer lighter hues like white or cream add a shiny finish to them to bring a sparkling effect. Get colorful fabrics for your bedding, curtains and cushions too. Create a contrast in the room with darker walls and light fabrics.

Apply a fine varnish on your hardwood flooring and furniture to bring back the lost luster. Cover your floors with decorated oriental area rugs. Adorn your room with luxurious stone studded (ruby, emerald, sapphire, jade and topaz) décor accessories. These jewels are artistically crafted in vibrant and seductive shades. Illuminate the entire area with a grand crystal chandelier and bright lighting fixtures.

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