PostHeaderIcon Using Garbage products to decorate your home

Recycling your garbage items for home décor is not only eco-friendly but economical too. Here are some useful tips.

Milk cartons are a great help. Cut the top of it, wrap it with a nice sheet and you can now easily utilize it as a beautiful storage to host your little knick-knacks like pens, candy, seeds, sewing materials or paper clips. The cartons can be painted and placed on the side table as a holder for car keys and spare changes. The unwanted clothes can also be revamped as décor accessories. Make pillows with clean and colorful old shirts.

Rinse out an old elegant liquor bottle and stuff it with flowers and indoor plants. Cover it with a designed paper and your homemade vase is ready. The read papers and remains of cardboards will make good wall hangings if chopped out in fine shapes and nicely styled with creative designs.

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