What accreditations do you hold?
Can I come and see your products?
Construction Site Operation Guidelines for Coronavirus - Covid-19


How can I trust you are a legitimate supplier?
How can I pay?
Do you offer finance options?
What are your standard payment terms?
How do I place an order?
How do I enquire about availability and get a quotation?


Do we need foundations?
Do we need planning permission?
Do we need to apply for building regulations?
How do we connect the units to services?
We need health and safety information before delivery, what can you offer?
Can you drive across a grass paddock with a lorry?
How much does delivery cost?
What happens if I am not sure about access to my site?
How do I check if you are able to access our property or business?
How do you deliver?
Can I collect an item myself or using my own transport?


How can I ensure my container is secure?
Are the doors easy to open?
Can I fit doors and windows?
I want to get rid of an old container - can you help?
How much is the delivery charge for a storage container?
Do shipping containers smell?
I have heard that shipping containers condensate, is this true?
If we buy a container what maintenance do we need to do?
What colours of shipping container are available?
How long will a used container last?
What is the difference between a ‘one trip’ and a used container?
What is a ‘One Trip’ container?
What types of containers do you sell?


How will my flat pack be delivered?
Can the parts of a flat pack be moved by hand?
What tools will I need to assemble a flat pack cabin or container?
How long will it take to assemble a flat pack cabin or container?
Can I use a flat pack to store chemicals and liquids?
Do you hire as well as sell flat packs?
Do sales units include furniture?
What sort of portable cabin do we need?


What size are shipping containers?
Do you supply furniture in hire units?
We would like to hire your steel cabins for a site office and toilet, what colour will they be?
I only need the container for a short time – how can you help?
Can you help if we have lost the keys to the cabin (or container)?
What happens if I have a problem with the unit during the hire period?
The cabin or container I am interested in buying or hiring has electrics - how do we know that this is safe to use?
Why is the electrical certificate provided only valid for three months?
Do we need to insure the hired equipment?
Is there a minimum hire period?


What is a Container Conversion?
What is containerisation and how did ISO shipping containers come about?
How long does it normally take to convert a shipping container?
Is the container conversion work carried out in-house?
I need detailed CAD drawings – can you help?
What warranty do I get with a converted container?
Can container conversions be shipped overseas?
Can I come and see my container being converted?
Do you supply container homes?
What if my container needs repairing?
Do you carry out groundworks or foundations for my container?
Can I fit UPVC or aluminium framed double glazed windows or doors?
Can my container be clad?


Do I need planning permission?
Does it have to conform to the building regulations?
What type of footings/foundations can be used?
What external cladding can be used?
What is the average lead time for a modular order?
What are the advantages of using modular construction?
Do they come with a warranty?
Are there different types of modular building?
What is a modular building?